What The Kavanaugh Hearings Can Remind Us About Worship

The past few days we have been listening to two stories. One story by Dr. Ford, one story by Judge Kavanaugh. The question we are attempting to figure out is which story is true? To me, this entire attempt at divining the truth has been a fascinating (albeit, grueling) spectacle. What I've noticed is that... Continue Reading →


Espresso, Honesty, & Trust

So I’m sitting here talking to the baristas at my go-to coffee shop. I know them, they know me. I do a lot of my work here. I would consider us work friends. I’m doing this thing where I asked him what his favorite shot of espresso that they serve is. He told me it’s... Continue Reading →

The Unfortunate Key To Mindfulness

Many people these days seem to be recognizing the benefits of mindfulness. Being able to pay attention to yourself and be present in the moment is so important to living a full, vibrant life. But there is something that I'm discovering that is, for me, slightly disappointing about the pursuit of mindfulness and presence. I've... Continue Reading →

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