Embracing The Stump: A sermon you won’t listen to

This past weekend I watched people shout at each other on the internet following another school shooting. And then I watched nearly all of those same people swoon over the sermon of a black preacher given during a wedding in a British cathedral. And then I stood in a church on Sunday and I sang... Continue Reading →


3 Things God is Saying

The more I talk to people about faith and spirituality, the more I notice a consistent theme in their experiences with God. Many folks seem to struggle with finding the time or space to slow down, hush up, and listen to God. I could just be projecting my own experience onto others, that wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

An Apology & An Announcement

Hey there! I haven't written anything here in quite some time. Sorry about that. I don't really have a good reason. Yeah, I started a new job, but that's not an excuse. I just stopped writing. But here's the thing. Don't expect to see much more here anytime soon. I'm not giving up writing; in... Continue Reading →

Suffering the Spirit

Why did Jesus tell parables to describe the Kingdom of God? Why couldn’t he just have explained how to live the spiritual life that God wants us to live? I think it’s because it’s all but impossible to explain a spiritual principle. A definition of surrender or humility or forgiveness can be given, but it... Continue Reading →

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