How To Do Everything: Presence over Perfection

I've heard it said that how I do anything is how I do everything. If this is the case, then that means how I'm smoking my pipe while writing this post is how I write this post while smoking my pipe. That means that how I walk my dog is how I how I do... Continue Reading →


Hearing the Divine Voice

I am the kind of guy that has about five different thought processes or project ideas bouncing around in my head at one time. This usually means that it takes me forever to actually accomplish anything. It also means that I tend to want to blend different ideas together into one thing. Recently I've been... Continue Reading →

3 Things God is Saying

The more I talk to people about faith and spirituality, the more I notice a consistent theme in their experiences with God. Many folks seem to struggle with finding the time or space to slow down, hush up, and listen to God. I could just be projecting my own experience onto others, that wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

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