I Finally Understand Christmas: a story; in which I call Caesar an ass-hat

This year I spent the chilly evening hours of December 25th at a 12-step recovery meeting with a bunch of fellow addicts, and now I understand Christmas. The birth of Christ, the Feast of the Nativity, is a story about an teenage couple who are smack in the middle of the worst string of events... Continue Reading →


Advent, Righteousness, & Repentance

In the Christian calendar, there are two periods of time - two seasons - that are really meant to get us thinking practically about our lives. More than just times of celebration or remembrance, these two seasons are supposed to put us to work. One of these times you might already know about; the season... Continue Reading →

Waking Up to Advent

The season of Advent is here. Thank God. I need Advent. I enjoy Christmas, but I need Advent. Christmas is easy to get excited about, it involves babies and barnyard animals. Even the most cynical person can feel okay playing along with the joy of Christmas, at least for a day. But the baby that... Continue Reading →

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